Business Strategy

Our primary business strategy is to apply a focused, cost-effective approach to solving midstream problems for customers in targeted markets.  We expect to achieve this objective through the following strategic anchors:


Productivity Enhancing Culture

The health of our organization and our people (physically, intellectually, and emotionally) is at the center of what we do.   We strive to attract and retain talented, multi-skilled leaders into our business, and we use culture as a primary recruiting tool.  Training and mentorship are important to our “lean” approach.  We have a Social Contract that governs our behavior, and we rigorously adhere to our commitments to our team, our customers and our vendors.  We drive productivity and results, demanding adherence to our Mission and Values, while stressing the importance of having fun and being flexible on everything else.  We believe that an environment with consistent leadership, straightforward communication, respectful interactions, healthy conflict, competition and high quality of life drives loyalty for our team members and delivers an unparalleled level of reliability for our customers.

Creative Commercial and Technical Agility

We focus relentlessly on high asset utilization on our already optimized and cost-efficient systems.  Our systems are designed to benefit from incremental volumes arising from high-density, in-field drilling on existing pad sites that do not require significant additional capital expenditures to handle incremental volumes. 
When new volumes on these systems will require additional capital, either as extensions of the systems or bolt-on acquisitions, we surge our teams toward the most capital efficient and customer-focused solutions possible.  We challenge traditional thinking and let the math and the customer needs drive us to viable solutions.  By being opportunistic, relentlessly analyzing the details and challenging the status quo, we believe we can offer the best net-back to our customers.

Forged for Growth

We pursue accretive acquisitions from third parties and our sponsors.  Our team has proven its ability to drive synergies in acquisitions, and we bring our best-practices and continuous improvement approach to each new opportunity.  Our target opportunities will either complement our existing asset base or provide attractive returns in new basins.  In addition to establishing multiple operating areas in high-growth regions of the country, we seek to expand and diversify our service offerings to include natural gas processing, NGLs, crude oil services and other full-service midstream solutions.